Integration and specialisation are the keys a powerful infographic animations

This is a really useful post about different levels of infographic development. The issues are clearly laid out, and the costs (in USD) look pretty sensible to me. And it made me think a bit more about how relatively small agencies like ours work, and how they should organise to work most effectively. I reckon there are two points:

1. Integration. It really helps to have writers, researchers, designers and animators working very closely together in the same organisation, and actually overlapping their roles. A researcher/writer with a keen interest in graphics and a designer who can write, make a really good team. Separating them out, or leaving the research up to the client, can create unnecessary inefficiencies.

2. Specialisation. The world is awash with infographics, and some of the issues that infographics attempt to deal with are highly complex. So subject specialisation can really help both the writer and the designer. Once you've worked out how to express a particularly complex concept or process once, you can do it again - and better.