Superhero Infographics – Bam! Pow! Biff!

Superheroes are an increasingly-dominant global form of mythology for young and old alike. As such, ways of presenting them – and the business/cultural context in which they are embedded – are becoming more complex and nuanced. These two infographics – both of which I like – take very different approaches, but represent important design considerations showing what can work well.

This monster takes a simple approach to the (frankly terrifying) number of Superhero movies that are swinging our way over the next 4 years. The design is nice and clear in terms of the timeline, and it takes advantage of the icon-based approach of the subject matter to keep things simple visually, avoiding the common trap of over-egging the pudding. What makes it interesting is that it’s curated and updated – it’s not the first-and-only version, it’s the latest one, adapted to keep it accurate in terms of studio release plans. Infographics as reportage, it presents an intriguing alternative to text-heavy news resources, or non-user-driven (e.g. fixed-pace) video briefings.

This one takes a different approach, with more of an underlying similarity to how Prezient approach things. Is Elon Musk the real life Tony Stark? Some of us have always had our suspicions, but this lays out the evidence in a strongly narrative way. Its compare-and-contrast layout creates some dramatic tension, presenting known facts (quite dense at points, whilst light-on-the-eye), but relating them to each other in an unexpected way – to produce a surprising but compelling conclusion. What the action point might be, I’ll leave up to you – but if you hear about Musk saving people from an exploding volcano using a suit of Space Age amour, remember – the clues were there all along.