Size Matters: Lego Batman vs Ben Affleck

It isn’t how big you are, it’s what you do with it that counts. Batman – or movie representations thereof – is perhaps a good example of that. The Economist has done its sums and found that the current actor to fill out the BatBoots – Ben Affleck – is the tallest and broadest yet.

But as this infographics variation on the classic ‘Police Line Up’ visual shows, that’s not the only direction of travel.

Click to enlarge the infographic

His immediate predecessor, if you count the Lego Movie as being canon, was only 4cm tall. But if that had been shown to scale, it would have resulted in a much less striking visual design, with acres of pointless, empty space to fill the gap between the tips of Lego Batman’s cowl and the soles of Batfleck’s boots.

The infographics moral here? Sometimes it’s worth sacrificing strict accuracy (e.g. scale) for clarity of information conveyed. Visual soundbites have their place, so as long as it’s not driven by the intent to deceive through misrepresentation, massaging the numbers to focus the overall impact of the key message can sometimes be a valid design choice.