Unexpected correlations (including external underwear)

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple, to highlight an unexpected correlation or combination of factors. Superman and Batman are the Big Two in the superhero fraternity, but if you asked most people what they had in common, the three core shared factors highlighted here probably wouldn’t leap into the forefront of anybody’s mind.

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But the simple Venn diagram above, (the original is here) spells it out nicely. And perhaps suggests an action point for a few costume designers. If only Green Lantern had a cape, the logic implies, his 2011 movie might have been less of a box-office flop. (Although the Martian Manhunter, another character at the core of the diagram, is admittedly unlikely to be heading-up a Hollywood Franchise anytime soon).

Prezient took a similar approach in terms of making simple visual connections to reach a powerful conclusion with this animation on UK food banks. As is often the case with infographics, a clear, simple design - and a strong underlying message - are all you really need.